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Nail fungus home remedies – The best nail fungus home remedies only work sometimes.

Getting rid of nail fungus is not an easy task because it is recurring. Even after treatment, it is very important to maintain proper care of the feet (and hands). Toe nails are more prone to fungus nails because it is more exposed to moisture. Nail fungus is very common that’s why a lot of people are interested to know about nail fungus home remedies particularly for toe nails. There are prescription medicines that can be taken to treat nail fungus which are really effective, but these medicines have side effects. Some patients have experienced stomachaches, headaches, and rashes. In worst cases, some people even got damage in the liver. That’s why most people opt to try home remedies.

Home remedies work, but not all the time.
Firstly, it’s very important to clarify that not all home remedies give the same effects to everyone. These home remedies became popular because a particular remedy worked for them. Generally, the effects sometimes depend on every person. Some home remedies may not work for some people.  The pH of the skin, for example, affects the effectiveness of home remedies. The severity of nail fungus also varies the effects. For example, some people suggest using Vicks Vapor Rub, while others say that it doesn’t work. Vinegar is the most known home remedy, but there are still some cases that it doesn’t work. On the other hand, natural treatments are proven to be more effective. For instance, tea tree oil has been proven to have antiseptic and fungicide properties. Other essential oils such as lavender and clove can also be used to treat nail fungus. Using essential oils has been proven to be the most effective natural remedy to nail fungus.

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Prevent nail infections all together!
Nonetheless, prevention is still better than cure. The following are just some all-natural home-remedies to prevent nail fungus:

  1. Wear cotton socks that absorb moisture. And, change socks every day.
  2. Keep feet clean and dry. Wash your feet properly after going to a shower room or swimming pools.
  3. Avoid using nail polish or artificial nails.
  4. Don’t share towels and personal wash cloths.

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